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If you're in a pinch and your home or business location isn't ready when you need to move, we've got you covered! Our storage facilities conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio - St. Louis, Missouri - Memphis, Tennessee and Indianapolis, Indiana are the perfect place to store your belongings while you sort out the details. We also have Atlas Van Lines partners throughout the United States so that no matter where you relocate, we can arrange hassle-free storage for all your precious items. Plus, our facilities are held to the highest standards - they've been rated with the Atlas World-Class Commitment guidelines and provide maximum safety and security for all our customers' possessions. And don't forget about convenience - many of our spaces offer climate-controlled. So, if you find yourself needing some extra space during your move, look no further than our safe, secure, and convenient storage options.

Storage Solutions

Storage in Transit

At Guardian Relocation, we understand that you need to feel confident your belongings are safe and secure during times of transition. That’s why our storage solutions offer the security, protection, and cleanliness you can trust.

Our extensive network of Atlas warehouses across North America offers secure long-term storage for all your needs. We conduct regular inspections to guarantee the highest possible standards for safety and security.

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Long Term Solutions

Guardian Relocation is the perfect storage solution for those who are looking to relocate or move abroad. Our global network of licensees and partners ensures that your items are secure and safely stored around the world. We understand how important it is to have a reliable and convenient storage option for your possessions – that’s why we make sure all our services provide complete peace of mind with secure and dependable options. With Guardian Relocation, you can travel with confidence knowing that your items are safe, wherever you go. Trust us to take care of everything – from packing and moving to store your belongings in a secure location. Let us help make your relocation journey smoother!
International relocation & long term storage

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